5 Outdoor Entertaining Space Idea Trends in Denver

June 15, 2021

There are few things that can compare to a properly developed outdoor space designed for entertaining. From practicability to aesthetics, there are a great deal of things to ponder on when upgrading your present outdoor space. Here are some of the most popular outdoor space ideas to review, right on schedule for summertime.

#1 Synthetic Turf

It’s not just for golf courses and sports fields. Artificial grass & outdoor space feature ideas can elevate any outdoor gathering areas.

Synthetic turf can take the place of your organic grass or be linked to your outdoor space for a trendy renovation that remains neat and well-maintained throughout the year. It’s also cooler and calls for little upkeep. With synthetic turf, your backyard cookouts won’t be called off because of some drizzle, and there’s absolutely no need to worry about your grass. So break loose the badminton or bocce ball and begin to enjoy your outdoor entertaining space!

#2 Fire Feature

Fire pits are not particularly new or trendy, but some kinds of the standard fire pit undoubtedly are.

Fire pits added to compliment an outdoor space can be appreciated throughout the year, and the options are endless. A handful of the trendiest fire features include fire and water bowls that are fundamentally a cement bowl/structure with a flame blazing atop a pool of water with a spicket to resemble the sound of a crackling fire and a babbling stream. Other popular alternatives are recessed fire pits, double-sided exterior fireplaces, and fire tables incorporated into the side of pools or hot tubs.

#3 Open-air Kitchen with a Pizza Oven

A grill or outdoor smoker is fine, but a whole outdoor kitchen complete with a pizza oven takes outdoor dining to an entirely new level. Pizza ovens are usually constructed of concrete, brick, or stone. You might be able to build your own if you wish. Wood-fueled pizza ovens are fantastic for generating an outdoor mood and making awesome pizzas, but keep in mind that particular locations have restrictions on this type of oven because of fire risks.

#4 Outdoor Entertainment System

Any outdoor space should have entertainment features. For a sophisticated option, consider installing surround sound and all-weather outdoor TVs. Wireless outdoor speakers are a great option and don’t be afraid to go big with an entire exterior home theater system.

An outdoor movie screen, if you have a pool, takes any outdoor entertaining space to a new level. Have movie nights or watch sporting events while drinking a cocktail and resting underneath the stars.

#5 Comfort Features

Keeping guests cozy while entertaining outdoors could call for you to think outside the box with your backyard space ideas with a number of additions. Fans, and even heaters are necessities, but you may also consider roofing the area for a fashionable appearance with the added feature of coziness.

String lighting will set the scene, and if you want to go even further, outdoor daybeds are an entertaining and special way to deliver comfort to your outdoor entertaining space. Be sure you neglect the fundamentals like good quality outdoor furnishings, lots of chairs, and loads of pillows.

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