Don't DIY Artificial Grass Here's Why

January 18, 2022
Are you considering artificial grass? While it might be enticing to install it DIY to cut costs, you could cause yourself a whole world of headaches down the road. Next, are 8 reasons why you should always employ an expert for the job.

1. Save Time

Take a pause to consider how valuable your time is. Sure, you could economize by installing the grass yourself. But if you’ve ever done any type of home improvement project, understand just how many treks to the store you can take. Artificial turf installers have dealt with multiple projects and have the skills to install the grass far more quickly than the common homeowner.

2. Avoid Mistakes

Have you ever underestimated the requirements of a project? We can almost certify that’s a potentiality if you’ve never installed synthetic grass in the past. If it is not suitably completed, you could unintentionally cause gaps, warping, and other imperfections in the grass. On the other hand, if you let the experts fulfill the job, there would be no reason to worry about your synthetic turf having inconsistencies.

3. Save Money

Professional turf installers have the expertise and tools to protect your faux grass from edge to edge amidst installations. When homeowners make errors during installation, they usually end up getting rid of pieces of the turf and requiring to buy replacements. Even long after the install is finishes, anything that wasn’t done right can come back to haunt you.

4. Learn About Maintenance

Sure, do all the needed research, but when pros install your turf, they can demonstrate you how to maintain your artificial grass right then and there. Moreover, they can administer you with information and tips you may otherwise be unable to find. Proper care and maintenance will have your lawn looking magnificent while saving you money at the end of the day by eluding common mistakes that may call for repairs.

5. Useful Expertise

There are multiple different types of turf for sale. At Go Turf, we will consider your lifestyle and the way the turf is going to be used to advise a product that will best suit your situation. This helps take out the uncertainty of what will work best overall and look incredible once it’s installed for the long run. Plus, our crew has worked on so many different project types — from simple square front lawns to elaborate backyard models, we’ve done it all!

6. No Installation Headaches

As you can imagine, installing fake grass requires specific knowledge and tools. Installation demands certain rakes, tampers, nails, and infill to make your grass look perfect. Something as minute as using the wrong nail type can lead to rippling, so it’s important to use the correct tools and equipment. You don’t have to worry about purchasing anything you’ll only use once for the project.

7. Learn How to Salvage Leftovers

Did you know that you should actually hang on to spare pieces of fake turf after the installation? This will aide in saving you money in the future when you could possibly need a repair. An expert can show you how to store your turf leftovers and what sort of repairs it could be utilized for, should you run into an issue later.

8. Sit Back & Relax

Instead of taking weeks to attempt to install aesthetic fake grass, professionals can get the job done for you in days. You can spend your hard-earned time off enjoying it with your family or focusing on your favorite activity instead of striving to install the turf yourself. It won’t be necessary to take multiple trips to the home improvement store for the exact tools or have to worry if the turf canhandle the first rain.

Want to learn more?

When contemplating professional synthetic grass installation for your Denver home, think about all the advantages coupled with the long-term time and money savings. It’s easily the best decisions! Go Turf is set to assist you with your projects. Feel comfortable to set up a consultation with our specialists.