How Synthetic Turf Improves Property Value in Denver

August 23, 2022

Artificial turf won’t just deliver curb appeal to your front yard, but it can also certainly up the resale value of your Denver property. Even more so if you are in an area that experiences constant droughts. Read on to learn how synthetic turf installation can impact your property value.


Why Synthetic Grass?

Houses with a gorgeous landscape that doesn’t need much time or maintenance to maintain it that way are top of the list of nation-wide homebuyers. Synthetic turf provides the finest solution to this. Here’s why.

It Enhances Curb Appeal

When properly installed, artificial turf will give a home with a crisp appearance that will endure through all the seasons and for years ahead. A quality turf won’t lose color in the sun or crush with heavy use, making it the best option for those areas in your lawn that are open to intense sunlight or where children and pets will be playing. You can still feature live plants on the lawn's edge without the bother of always edging and eliminating weeds.


Conserve Water Resources

Fresh water use is a big concern nowadays, and not only in regions where drought situation are persistent. The EPA states a third of all public water is used for outdoor irrigation. Considering the national average of landscape watering is nearly 9 billion gallons per day, we have to keep things in mind for the future. If you install artificial turf, you won’t have to worry about times of drought killing your grass, and you can feel good about cutting back on your water consumption.


More Return on Investment

Many people are modest about synthetic turf when they first start looking into it due to the initial cost can seem like a lot. But when you factor in the price of installation over the number of years you’ll [[have|own|enjoy10901] it and contrast that to the price of maintaining traditional grass, you’ll see just how quickly you will earn back your investment in savings. Remember to check out our Life Cycle Cost Analysis regarding further information.


Lower Work To Maintain

Not only will artificial grass decrease the amount of money you spend on maintenance, but it takes much less time, too! You can bid farewell to trimming, fertilizer, mowing and dealing with pesky ticks, fleas and other insects. Keeping synthetic turf looking great is as easy as frequently eradicating loose debris (like leaves, sticks, etc.) and brushing with a rake to perk the leaves stand up from time to time. Go through our guide to keep artificial turf clean here.


Selecting Your Turf

At Go Turf, we offer a large selection of Shawgrass synthetic grass products to choose from. Check out our products to see the type ideal for you.


Be the envy of the neighborhood with grass that’s perfect all year round.


Artificial grass landscaping features unbeatable realism for any estate.


Our playground turf is created for high-use play areas and offers the best in durability.

Pet Turf

Keep your pets safe with no need for harmful fertilizers and pesticides.

Active Lifestyle

No matter the sport, Shawgrass has you covered with our active lifestyle turf.


Performance turf products will take the wear of an indoor facility that is in continuous use.

Not sure which product is perfect for you? Our experts are here to help! Call us when you’re ready for a free consultation.