Top Synthetic Turf Installation Questions for Your Installer

February 15, 2022

Synthetic grass has acquired a lot of fame recently, and new brands are emerging in the trade to offer and fix these products. So, as you’re shopping around, how do you identify which one to choose? Ask as many questions as you can. You have two factors to consider:

One: asking the right questions while shopping around.

Two: what to ask about installation and maintenance.

But first, here are some a few essential turf jargon that’s important to know.

Basic Synthetic Grass Terminology

Backing Weight

The backing weight is the feature that supports everything. Back weight is the over-all mass of the primary backing and secondary coating per square yard of the artificial turf.

Fiber Weight

Fiber weight denotes the quantity of yarn that is used per square yard of grass. The greater the face weight, the longer and/or thicker the artificial turf’s grass will be.

Total Weight

The total weight is the total66 face weight and backing weight value. It’s essential to understand this concept as every artificial turf product is promoted with features that change from one company to another.


Yarn is what you see as grass. This is the feature that changes as per what colors and length you select. Every yarn type has exclusive traits for exclusive purposes.


The infill is what keeps the artificial grass blades straight, shelters the backing from damage caused by UV rays, and offers us that lush, strengthened and more realistic experience.

Pile Height

The pile height denotes the height of the blades of grass. Pile height is what gives your synthetic lawn its natural look.

Questions to Ask Before Buying

Now that you know a few of the fundamental artificial turf terminologies, let’s dig into the questions you should ask a synthetic turf company ahead of buying.

1. In what way does your artificial turf compete with other products?

Be ready with open-ended queries that will let the prospective grass company to explain about its products. Queries such as:

  • How “realistic” does it come across?
  • What are its most important functioning characteristics?
  • Is this product the right selection for children and/or pets?
  • What sort of warranty do you offer?

2. How many choices do you offer?

Not all fake turf is manufactured the same. The product you need for your backyard is not what you would choose for a outdoor play-area, even if there may be product types to fit both.

  • Can you send me samples?
  • What shade is most popular?
  • What turf choices are recommended for my use?

3. What variety of grass is best suited for my application?

There are several selections of synthetic turf for various needs. Ensure to ask the variety that will best suit you

  • What kind of pile height must I select for my application?
  • What type of infill would you use?
  • Can you fit synthetic turf on a sloped or mixed landscape?

Your dog cannot dig through high-quality turf. But, your pet does consider the outdoors to be their toilet. Some backing/drainage systems may not be designed for this, so ask questions like:

  • Is the fake turf the apt choice for fixing in places with pets?
  • What facility is provided to allow for urine to drain?
  • How do I clean places where solid waste was?

5. What is the price?

This is among the most frequently asked installation queries we answer. As each synthetic turf installation is a custom activity, the total price will depend on several aspects. Scheduling an expert to come to your property for valuation is the best way to be aware of the process, but you can refer to our cost analysis sheet for a general idea.

Artificial Turf Installation Questions

So,now you know a bit more about artificial grass and have found the brand you may want to set it up; here are some key installation questions to ask.

1. How much time would you need for the installation?

Since every job is different, every job will have a different timeline for when the grass will be completely set. Synthetic grass installation frustrations should be almost nonexistent when you use a trustworthy installer. This is one project you definitely do not want to take on by yourself.

2. Who will install my grass?

Be careful of companies that aren’t professionals in synthetic grass installation. Because it is a complex activity, it needs careful skill to make sure your grass will look good for a long time. At Shawgrass, we engage a reputable network of dealers to fit your artificial grass so we can have complete trust in the quality of your installation.

4. What’s the warranty/lifespan for my grass?

Be wary of places that provide a short warranty. Because no turf is created the same, you should look into your terms of warranty. Inquire if there are any specific precautions you must follow to avert accidents that are not included in the warranty.

5. How do I maintain my turf?

Taking care of artificial turf is a lot simpler than keeping a natural lawn, but there is still some standard upkeep activities you will need to consider. Find out from your installer how to clean and groom based on different tasks (clearing leaves and organic waste, cleaning stains from spills, dealing with pet waste, redistribute infill etc.).

We Are Here To Answer You

At Shawgrass, we pride ourselves in our superior quality and workmanship. Since our products are made in the USA, we can cut down costs and provide superior products at a cheaper rate to our customers. We invest in R&D to provide the best innovation to the synthetic turf market.

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