Recreating Your Perfect Rooftop Bar Space at Home

October 15, 2021

Rooftop bars remain a go-to hotspot for nights out, but what about those days you don’t want to go out? Thanks to the latest weatherproof flooring and furniture innovations, and if you have a roof space, you too can have a rooftop bar yourself.

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Step One to Making a Custom Rooftop Bar

The first thing you need to make a rooftop bar is a flat surface. If you don’t have a flat rooftop, a large second story patio or balcony may be the perfect entertaining space. However, before you begin setting up your space as a party platform, you must have a contractor come check it out to figure out if the space is structurally strong enough to support the mass of partygoers. This step will help you determine the rooftop bar materials you will need.

Step Two for Your Rooftop Play Space

Next you should hire an experienced local contractor to add any necessary support. Ensuring your rooftop bar flooring can withstand the weight is required for success. The correct flooring for rooftop bars and patios will need to have the ability to support the weight, construct the bar, contain built-in seating and safety rails. Unless you happen to be a professional builder, this is not a build you’ll want to attempt on your own due to liability issues. Also, keep in mind the weight of the new construction, furniture, and party guests, so you do not exceed the safe maximum load of the supports of the rooftop space.

Step Three for a Show Stopping Rooftop Bar

Cautiously ponder your flooring options. Concrete and slate offer easy maintenance and are durable but are also heavy and can put too much of a strain on your structure. One option to consider is artificial turf. Top-quality artificial turf can complement most décor without adding substantial extra weight. One benefit is the look looks good while offering durability, functionality, and low-maintenance.

Step Four to Completing Your Home Rooftop Bar

Next, what you’ll need to consider is your electrical work. You will probably need lights, sound, and connectivity up on your rooftop bar, but the electrical code and wiring is difficult for the layman. Make sure to hire an professional to wire up your rooftop bar to make sure your space is up to code and is safe for all guests. Now that everything is in place, the last “step” is when to schedule your first party.

Shawgrass Can Help Design a Rooftop Bar Space For Your Own Home

Our synthetic turf is the ideal low-maintenance surface to give you a fun outdoor entertaining space all year long. Check out our gallery to see a few uses.