Spend Less Time On Your Yard & More Time With Your Family

January 31, 2022

Lawn care needs a lot more than simply mowing the lawn. A lush lawn needs weeding, ventilating, enriching with fertilizer, seeding, hydrating… the list goes on. So, if you’re prepared to avoid spending so many hours caring for your lawn and want to devote that time on your family and kids, we advise considering artificial grass!

Benefits to Artificial Turf


Installing artificial grass on your lawn is the fastest way to gain back your weekends. Now, you will not have to waste your time off sweating over cutting your grass or removing weeds from the yard. spraying water and fertilizers will become history too. Once your synthetic turf is installed, you can focus your time and money on other home needs.

For the Authentic Feel

Some fake grass can be itchy and uncomfortable, but with Shawgrass residential turf from Go Turf, you can still kick your shoes off and enjoy the feeling of natural grass. Our turf is crafted to provide the appearance and feel of traditional grass without all the hassles of maintaining real grass. All of our turf is manufactured with top-quality materials right here in the USA to ensure the best for you.


Shawgrass stays durable through years. It will not flatten with heavy foot traffic and it won’t fade in the sun, because of our novel technical knowledge. Our product design happens with assistance from the same professional researchers who design top-quality playing fields for Shaw Sports Turf. If you’re looking for products similar what pro sportsmen play on, we’ve got you covered!

Superior Quality

Artificial turf is designed to be long-lasting, but the product is only as good as what goes into it. All choices at Shaw are taken locally with care that those decisions are made by bearing in mind those impacted by the choices the most. This allows us to make sure that products are in harmony with the Shaw manufacturing benchmarks while giving buyers immense satisfaction.

No Pests

Yards are the perfect place for those bugs and insects and allergy inducing weeds to take control. Because we take care to water and fertilize lawns, they look wonderful, but it charms insects that love grass. Since fake grass isn’t natural, it has no attraction for pests, unwanted plants, and animals. There is no nutritional value to cause pests to hang around, and common weeds can’t to grow roots into the grass.


You can have that perfectly maintained yard without devoting most of your time, water, and chemicals with artificial grass. The cool thing about synthetic turf is that you can pick from a variety of shades and varieties of grass. Our professionals can help you design a custom-built retreat for your Denver home. No matter what the season is, you can enjoy a picturesque lawn with least energy needed to maintain it.

Outdoor Activities For The Family Instead

Lawn maintenance demands much more than simply mowing the lawn. When you invest in artificial grass, you will be saving a lot of time for your family. Here are some interesting games that you can engage in instead — and yes, lawn games are still terrific on artificial turf!

Toss Games

Starting from ring toss to bean bag toss to ladder toss, you can put in a small aspect of competition to family time with these enjoyable games.


A fun sport played in the backyard for 2-8 players with the most effortless setup. Bocce ball is a perfectly enjoyable sport that is appreciated by all in the family.

Ball Games

T-ball, baseball, kickball, soccer… so many options! Grab this opportunity to enjoy your favorite sport with the whole family.


Also called Wickets, croquet is one more sport that can be played by people of all ages. Croquet kits come with material for as many as six players.

Water Balloons

There’s more to water balloons than just water balloon fights. Create new challenges such as water balloon spoon games, design tracks with obstacles through which you take your water balloons, and so on.

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is a wonderful game when you have a sizable group. If you want to put a new spin on the game, get sets that glow in the dark for those bright summer nights.

Obstacle Courses

Set up obstacles tracks using fun materials. Set up the course with hula hoops or traffic cones, make toy tunnels, or just set up any obstacle your imagination comes up with. To get your kids involved, allow them to set up the course.

Regain your Time

Go Turf presents commercial, residential, pet, and recreational turf with world-class innovation from Shaw Industries. Are you ready to learn more about artificial grass installation? Call us or mail us immediately for further details.