Why is Artificial Turf Popular For Playgrounds?

March 10, 2022

Synthetic turf is quickly becoming the most popular selection for playgrounds and play areas all over the United States. The reason? Well, it’s no secret that real grass is tough to care for, especially on playgrounds where using a lawnmower is tricky. Shawgrass is here to help you understand why changing from real grass to synthetic turf for playgrounds is excellent value for money.

Artificial Turf Playground Benefits

To see why artificial turf is so well-accepted today, it’s vital to learn the merits of installing an artificial play surface.

Enhanced Safety

It's a prevalent misunderstanding that synthetic turf could slash, sting or scratch the skin if a child falls on the surface. Shawgrass blades are crafted to be smooth and non-scratchy. Our playground turf is designed for busy play areas and delivers the best in sturdiness and return on investment. Shawgrass is IPEMA-Certified and ADA accessible. This unique grass system is made with thick cushioning to reduce the impact of falls.

Additionally, artificial grass products are available without chemicals like fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. These risky chemicals can be soaked into clothes and skin long after your kid has finished playing. Shawgrass is also resistant to bacteria and microbes, making it unreceptive to molds and fungi, which can cause allergy problems in some kids.

Extremely Resilient

Synthetic turf is the perfect choice for high foot traffic areas like playgrounds as it is highly hard-wearing. Although, synthetic surfaces are all not the same. Shawgrass products are designed and made by the same R&D group in charge of the topnotch sports grounds set up by Shaw Sports Turf. While the initial investment is greater than real turf, you will recover your investment quickly with almost nil costs on maintenance.

Children will love it just as much as parents will appreciate the lack of mess. Synthetic grass is silk, clean, and because it’s unattractive to insects, it’s much more welcoming than a natural grass floor. Also, rain won't cause muck spaces with all of its problems of sludge and sun-baked dirt patches. You don't have to worry about storm run-off opening play areas to chemicals. This is why many play areas and municipalities, schools, and daycares have chosen to install synthetic grass..

Better Comfort

The Shawgrass Research and Development Center is involved in the process of making better performing, safer, and luxurious artificial turf. Our products feature grass blades that are silky and gentle on the skin, offering it a lush experience underfoot than other synthetic grasses. Children will love to kick their shoes off and roll around on our grass.

Shawgrass products are also cooler, owing to innovative technology like HydroChill, designed to keep you comfortable, even in intense heat. HydroChill is a patented technology developed and improved through years of research in both a research laboratory and a everyday setting. This precoat is applied to the sand infill and initiated by watering it (rain or a quick sprinkle from the hosepipe) to offer appreciable cooling for days, based on regional conditions.

Designing Artificial Turf Playgrounds

If you’re looking to design an astounding play area with top-notch safety, we have a few suggestions to help you get started with your planning.

Pick A Theme

Begin by choosing a suitable idea for your play area. You can have objects like like pirate ships, space ships, forest or jungle-inspired, or forts. You can browse the internet for ideas that are a rage with children. You may have to mix and match a range of playground components to get your perfect set up, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Plan For Growth

Children grow up fast, so adding in different elements, so kids can grow and still enjoy the playground will tap for you the older crowd too. Including a few basic elements like swings of different sizes and allotting different parts of the play area to accommodate different age groups will help you.

Plant Trees

Once you get rid of natural grass, you may think you can’t have other plants in the area, but that’s a myth! You can still have your own trees, privacy hedges, and other plants. Your professional turf installer can cut spaces in the synthetic grass so you can add in trees that give shade. Just be mindful of where you place the trees because if they stand near the play area, they can be risky due to broken branches.

Light Up!

Although playgrounds are usually shut after dark, it’s still a good idea to add lighting for safety, and it can act as a design point of focus. Well-located bulbs that emit lights and shadows can truly add life to any area. If you wish to fix ground lighting, you must go in for LED lighting because they let out less heat, making them perfect for artificial grass.

Play Area Safety

Whether in the backyard or a commercial area, the first priority of play areas must be safety. Artificial grass on playgrounds provides a softer space for children to jump from swings or lunge to catch a ball. Here are some basic features that make artificial turf the best choice.

  • It’s Secure - Even if a kid falls face down to the ground, they won’t suffer any more injury than they would from real grass.
  • It Won’t Pull Up - When fixed correctly, the turf seams will not pose a tripping danger.
  • It’s Cushioned - If kids do fall, the IPEMA-Certified cushioning under turf will shield them from severe damage.
  • It’s Spotless - If kids spill a drink or have an accident, artificial grass can be rinsed with water and a soft detergent if needed.


We Hope To Assist With Your Play Area

If you’re prepared to design a fine-looking playground, Shawgrass is here to assist. Our grass pros have installed many play areas throughout the country. Contact us now for a no-obligations consultation!